Andreas von Bubnoff

Journalist & Professor Science Communication

Songbird - A virtual moment of extinction (VR piece that takes the viewer back in time to meet the legendary extinct ʻōʻō  bird and hear its last song in 360° virtual reality). The Guardian, 05/25/2018



Der Krieg gegen den Krach (on efforts to study and reduce noise in New York City). DIE ZEIT, 11/12/2017



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Nachtigall, ick hör' Dir singen (frequency spectrogram based on a nightingale recording by Christian Schwägerl from the Treptower Park in Berlin, Germany; this is a black-and-white version while the one that appeared is red-on-black). RiffReporter, 3/31/2017


Partitur der Natur (on Bernie Krause soundscape exhibition in Paris, France). Greenpeace Magazin (independent from Greenpeace), November - December 2016


How to get started in data journalism. Storybench, 8/16/2016


Does Stress Speed Up Evolution? Nautilus Magazine, 3/31/2016


Klangökologie: Die Symphonien der Natur. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 12/10/15

6,000-word multimedia project on the world's soundscapes, featuring an interactive world map and over 70 videos showing sound visualizations, concerts, and researchers explaining how they record sound. It won a Grimme Online Award and a European Newspaper Award. This video is the project trailer produced for the Grimme award ceremony in June 2016 in Cologne. 

Von der Wiege der Menschheit bis zum Ende der Welt (Q & A with journalist Paul Salopek on his Out of Eden Walk project). Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 5/25/15

NYAS Meeting Suggests Progress in Schizophrenia, Depression Biomarkers. Schizophrenia Research Forum, 5/6/14

Biomedical research: Are All the Results Correct? (on reproducibility problems in research). Burroughs Wellcome Fund Special Report, 3/31/14

Face-blind people can learn to tell similar shapes apart. Nature, 3/24/14

In business as in science, prejudice holds women back. Nature, 3/10/14

Once a Collector, Always a Collector (Q&A with the man behind one of the world’s largest AIDS poster collections). IAVI Report, Winter 2013

Keystone in Rio: Breakthroughs, Predictions, and Surprises (report from vaccine research meeting). IAVI Report, Winter 2013

Neuromyelitis optica (four-part series on the disease). Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Forum, 10/22/13

Bangkok after RV144 (report on HIV research landscape in Bangkok). IAVI Report, Fall 2013

When failure is good: Transforming rejection into great articles. (blog of the authors of The Science Writers' Handbook), 9/9/13

Game of Clones (about how small RNAs that inhibit genes can be used to fight viruses). VAX, September 2013

Living positive in Malaysia (Q&A with Malaysian AIDS activist interviewed in Kuala Lumpur). IAVI Report, August 2013

The Challenges of bilingual reporting and writing., 4/19/13

Kunststoff-Streit: Neue Runde (on bisphenol A). SonntagsZeitung (Switzerland), 2/24/13

Playing Music—Through a Squid. Science Friday radio show web site, 1/2/2013

Is it ever too early? (on earlier start of antiretroviral HIV treatment). IAVI Report, Sep.-Oct. 2012

One man makes a stand for his pink T-shirt and blue mojito (on differences between German and American dating culture). Los Angeles Times, 9/18/12

FDA Approves Truvada for Use in PrEP. IAVI Report blog, 7/16/12

A gut response to vaccines (report from conference in New Delhi on how malnutrition affects vaccine responses). IAVI Report, Nov.-Dec. 2011

The Best And Worst Drugs For Women. Prevention, November 2011

The Art of the virus (Q&A with artist who makes glass sculptures of viruses). IAVI Report, Nov.-Dec. 2010

Deadly Synergy (on TB and HIV co-infection). IAVI Report, Sep.-Oct. 2009

Touching the brain (on deep brain stimulation). Los Angeles Times, 6/1/09

Green this to that (on greener living). Prevention, October 2008

Next-Generation Sequencing: The Race Is On. Cell, 3/7/08

He’s against the grain and high on fat (Q&A with Gary Taubes on his new book). Los Angeles Times, 10/22/07

Numbers can lie (feature on the limitations of epidemiological studies). Los Angeles Times, 9/17/07. This story was also featured in The Best American Science And Nature Writing 2008.

Die Krux mit der Studie. SonntagsZeitung (Switzerland), 11/18/07

Brain attack (on stroke treatments). Science News, 7/14/07

How Germany nurtures its nanotech industry. Small Times, May/June 2007

Superpostdocs Reach for the Stars. Cell, 3/23/07

Can we live longer? Los Angeles Times, 12/25/06

What’s in a nano name? Industry calls for consistent terminology. Small Times, July/August 2006

Counting on low calories’ benefits (on caloric restriction). Los Angeles Times, 2/13/06

Seeking New Antibiotics in Nature’s Backyard. Cell, 12/1/06

The Breakfast hype (challenges the notion that breakfast is the most important meal) Los Angeles Times, 9/18/06

Prevention's anti-aging guide. Prevention, September 2006

Reaction is mixed to petition asking FDA to recall sunscreens that use nanotechnology. Small Times, 5/30/06

Study shows no nano in Magic Nano, the German product recalled for causing breathing problems. Small Times, 5/26/06

Stalking an insidious killer (on ovarian cancer). Los Angeles Times, 5/8/06

The other drug war (on search for new antibiotics). Los Angeles Times, 3/13/06

It’s all in your mind. New technology helps patients reduce chronic pain. Monterey County Herald, 12/19/05

The real death of print (on Google’s plan to digitize millions of books). Nature, 12/1/05

Spanish flu papers put spotlight on ‘dual use’ decisions. Nature Medicine, 10/27/05

The 1918 flu virus is resurrected. Nature, 10/6/05

Senate hearings strengthen calls for US action over climate. Nature, 7/28/05

Universe spawned stars at a young age. Nature, 4/6/05

Seaweed eradication effort working. Monterey County Herald, 3/14/05

Brainstorming: Neuromarketing seen as way to boost product appeal. Monterey County Herald, 2/25/05

County expanding tsunami readiness. Monterey County Herald, 2/7/05

Warmer temperatures may mean headier wine. Monterey County Herald, 2/13/05

Scientists dig for clues to cause of earthquakes (on Parkfield earthquake). Monterey County Herald, 9/30/04

Athens Olympics---Delayed broadcast destroys the drama. Chicago Tribune, 8/22/04

Sue grew at a gargantuan rate. Chicago Tribune, 8/12/04

One strong tyke: Gene mutation in muscular boy may hold disease clues. Chicago Tribune, 6/24/04

Comet dust seen as key to life. Chicago Tribune, 6/18/04